Services we Offer

We provide state-of-the-art scalable education Technology solutions to world class education institutions


Smart Attendance System

We offer One click Smart student attendance system in a classroom setting with our propeitery mesh network algorithm


Hostel Management System

We provide end to end hostel-student management system. Includes laundry, mess, entry and exit system, attendance etc.


Custom Education Solutions

We provide custom solutions to any education technology problems. Including but not limited to attendance, library, mess etc.

Smart Attendance Sysytem

We provide state of the art faculty and student friendly attendance system on mobile phones using our proprietery mesh network algorithm. Expecting a 100% accuracy with less than 30 seconds spent on taking attendance


End to End Hostel Management System

  • One card System for mess, hostel and laundry with payments
  • Biometric attendance varification and customizable systems
  • Customizations and multiple integrations with library etc.

Multiple Pricing Options

We provide custom pricing options to educational instutions based on thier requirements. Request for a meeting to know more on pricing details.

We provide in house soltuions and custom solutions and assitance support.

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  • Solves Attendance Issues
  • Complete End-End Hostel Management Sysytem
  • Provides Custom Education Technology Solutions
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This video will show you the working of the smart attendance system with our proprietery mesh network based algorithm

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